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Raw Materials

Just Italy offers a wide range of raw materials for the Smart Card Industry, made using the most advanced technologies available on the market and accurate quality controls aimed at guaranteeing product excellence. Such as:

– Transparent and opaque rigid films (PVC, PET-G, ABS, Polycarbonate), with an excellent surface finishing and excellent mechanical stability to guarantee the best printing results;

– Coated & Uncoated Overlay films specifically formulated to guarantee maximum adhesion during the lamination phase and excellent results of flatness and surface finishing, guaranteeing the best results during personalization through the most common technologies (Laser, Thermal Transfer , DoD, Digital).

– Other products such as labels, holograms, consumables, scratch off panels, etc.

For every order we can guarantee the stability of the product, the exact matching of the chosen color, the flatness of the surfaces, the dimensional characteristics of the material, the exact VICAT and relative Grain Direction, as well as an accurate packaging of the materials in accordance with the project specifications.

  • PVC Core / Overlay
  • PET-G Core / Overlay
  • Polycarbonate Core / Overlay
  • ABS
  • Labels in rolls or sheets
  • Scratch off panels in rolls or sheet
  • Holograms in rolls or sheets
  • Tamper evident labels and holograms