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Printers & Accessories

Just Italy has developed a whole range of products to support the smart card industry and all the accessories needed for the management of  integrated projects, including:

  • Card Carrier, Flyer and Security Envelopes (Secure Shield) specifically designed for the protection of Dual Inteface and ContactLess Smart Card data. We protect the secrecy of your data from unauthorized attempts to read data. This type of product is particularly suitable for EMV, E-Passport & ID Card.

The paper used for the production of card carriers, flyers and Secure Shield security bags is the result of years of research and development and intensive testing activities aimed at guaranteeing the best product performance on the different mailing machines available on the market.

Our Secure Shield paper is the result of the combination of sheets of paper and aluminum able to block radio frequency in order to avoid unauthorized reading of data contained into your CLess Smart Cards.

  • The Secure Shield is available in Sheet, Credit Card and Passport format, suitable for any application where the secrecy of data means.
  • We offer a wide range of accessories to support the Smart Card field, including (Lanyards, Retractile SkyPass, flexible and rigid badge holders, etc.).