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Chip Modules

The semiconductor and RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) field represents one of Just Italy’s strengths.

Thanks to the partnership with the major IC manufacturers: ST Microelectronics, NXP, Infineon, MicroChip-Atmel, Impinj, Fudan, Texas Instrument, Samsung, EM Microelectronic, Giantec Semiconductor, KONA @ I, Ubivelox, etc., we are able to offer an impressive range of:

  • Memories,
  • Microprocessors (also EMV certified) Contact, ContactLess, Dual Interface
  • NFC Secure Element

in different formats:

  • Reel chip (Gold Plate, Silver Plate, Colored Tape);
  • Sawn Wafer Bumped

COB, MOA4, MOA8, etc.

  • Prelam / Inlay / ISO Card
  • Smart Objects (Tags, Wrist Bands, Loggers, etc.)

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